Sex Is Comedy (2002)

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Sex is comedy (2002): A director struggles to film a difficult, intimate sex scene between two actors who happen to hate each other. Jeanne may be a director battling a troublesome sex scene between 2 actors who cannot stand one another. motor-assisted by her loyal assistant Leo, Jeanne is resolute on obtaining the scene right while not compromise. galvanized by Breillat’s own experiences, “Sex is Comedy” explores the comedy of social manipulations, sex and power that takes place at intervals the range of a movie set.

Director Catherine Breillat
Writer Catherine Breillat
Stars Anne Parillaud, Grégoire Colin, Roxane Mesquida 

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This is a comedy of actors’ manners. Making-Of? Film genre? erotica or Exhibitionism? Sex Is Comedy could be a genre film, with its script supported a movie among the film.

As the associate implosive story of a minimalist love scene. The film is constructed with the constant commonality of the forms. Therefore the spirit in which the Breillat keeps on breaking and analyzing the taboos. Mistreatment visual codes and an exact sense of the formula. Catherine Breillat implements her clinical associate analysis of gender as an isolated drawback. It outside the society to be communicated by the door of the centre.

The Art of Breillat is of the investigator, to grasp the way to undertake in a very dialogue aiming at pushing away the boundaries of intimate scenes. Be part of make-up, corrective in erection and syndicates aren’t while not reminding what footage and scenes of January Steen’s and Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn may be within the anecdotal and therefore the daily of characters on a shooting set. Whereas the ethical classes disappear from the background of Sex Is Comedy, Breillat succeeds in revealing the amorous imitation power of the actors in a very landscape of formidable and dramatic humanity.

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